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Introduction of Vermicompost

Vermicomposting is the method of making compost with the help of earthworms to convert waste material into nutritional content. They are commonly present in the soil, handled on biomass, and waste is eliminated through excretion. Shri Bhaskar Organics is the best Vermicompost Manufacturer in Meerut.

Vermicomposting is often referred to as ‘Worm-Farming’. The earthworm takes on the organic waste material, and releases excreta to make ‘vermicasts’ that contain minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. They certainly improve the soil quality and are termed as ‘Fertilisers’.

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Vermicomposting Consists of Two Methods:

Pit Method: This method involves collecting the organic material using the cemented pits. Though this is not a suggestive method as it contains aeration problems & waterlogging.

Bad Method: Beds of organic material are created using this method.



• Aristotle called Earthworms “The Intestines of Earth”

• किसान का मित्र हलवाहा (ploughman) • Vermicomposting boosts the growth of plants making them strong and Healthy

• Water holding capacity – Vermicomposting absorbs 10 times more water then soil.

• Vermicompost has many micro-organisms, Nitrogen – fixing Bacteria, Phosphorous Solubilizing Bacteria, which help in Plant growth

• Several Enzymes, “Auxins” and complex growth regulators like Gibberellins are present in Earthworm castings, which help in plant growth.

• वर्मीकम्पोस्ट मे ७गुना Actinomycetes (एक्टीनोमिकेट्स) होताहैऔर वे सभी पानी मे घुलनशील है पोधों को तुरंत प्राप्त हो जाता है

• केंचुऐ के शरीर से कई प्रकार के Enzymes like peptides (पेप्टिड्स), प्रोटीन पाचन के लिए Starch व्ग्लाइकोजन पाचन के लिए लीपेज, काम करते हैं

• Soil Fertility – Vermicompost influences the Physiochemical and Biological Properties of Soil, which improves soil Fertility.

Chemical Composition of Vermicompost

वर्मीकम्पोस्ट मे गोबर के खाद(Farm yard Manure) की अपेक्षा 5 गुना नाइट्रोजन, 8 गुना फ़ास्फ़रोस, 11 गुना पोटाश और 3 गुना मैग्नीशियम तथा अन्य Micro Nutrients संतुलित मात्रा मे पाये जाते है

(i) Moisture, per cent by weight 15.0-25.0

(ii) Colour Dark brown to black

(iii) Odour Absence of foul odour

(iv) Particle size Minimum 90% material should pass through 4.0 mm IS sieve

(v) Bulk density (g/cm3) 0.7 -0.9

(vi) Total organic carbon, per cent by weight, minimum 18.0

(vii) Total Nitrogen (as N), per cent by weight, minimum 1.0

(viii) Total Phosphate (as P2O5), per cent by weight, minimum 0.8

(ix) Total Potassium (as K2O), per cent by weight, minimum 0.8

(x) Heavy metal content, (as mg/Kg), maximum Cadmium (as Cd) Chromium (as Cr) Nickel (as Ni) Lead (as Pb) 5.0 50.00 50.00 100.00”


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